The course for semester one of year one, Introduction to Integrated Science I, reviews and consolidates the basic science concepts of the student teacher on the nature of science and matter. Some of the topical issues the course deals with are; concepts of matter, measurement, safety precaution in laboratories and forces. The student teachers are also introduced to the child study styles, the new primary curriculum and how to begin developing the portfolio for the Student Reflective Journal (SRJ).
Appropriate pedagogies such as discussions, talk-for-Learning approaches to identify important concepts, school visits, story-telling to trace events, concept mapping to define conceptual frameworks, pyramid discussions, simulations and multimedia presentations will be applied in the teaching and learning process of the student teachers. Acquisition of desired knowledge, professional knowledge and professional practice will be applied in the teaching and learning process. This course will be assessed through quizzes, presentations, practical activities and reports from work-based school visits. Also, the use of checklist to identify critical values and skills, miniprojects, jigsaw puzzle, modelling and practical activities will be applied to assess the student teachers. Student teachers will be able to demonstrate adequate knowledge and understanding of the course and will be able to apply their understanding in the teaching process in their practicum and for later years. Also, the student teachers will have the essential values and attitudes, such as honesty, carefulness and accuracy in their professional career. (NTS 1a, p.12) (NTS 2c, p.13) (NTS 3e, p. 14)