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To effectively support, manage and operate the AAMUSTED LMS this academic year, the following measures have been instituted by IT Services to promote, and smoothly assist Lecturers and students in the usage of the system for teaching, learning and research.

1.    For level One(1) support, staff and students are to contact the following IT Services Staff for immediate assistance. These IT Technicians are attached to the individual faculties, to ensure quick, direct and immediate support for Lecturers within these specific Faculties and Departments on the use of the AAMUSTED LMS.
a.    John Bosco Fiave (0208198304) --- Mampong Campus
b.    Mr. Murphy John (0249160250) –Faculty of Technical Education (FTE)
c.    Mr. Ebenezer Sackey(0208445211)—Faculty of Business Education (FBE)
d.    Eric Kwarteng (0208402439) – Faculty of Education and Communication Sciences
e.    Peter O. Dwomoh (0242765978)--- Faculty of Vocational Education (FVE), and Faculty of Applied Sciences and Mathematics Education (FASME)
2.    To handle level Two (2) support, the following are going to act as the LMS Application Specialist with subject matter expertise in the architecture, performance and functionality of the AAMUSTED LMS, in order to train other support teams, resolve technical escalations and then finally engage with other IT Technical Experts in the management and operation of the system.
a.    Mr. Peter Opuni Dwomoh
b.    Ms. Esther Danso Adu
c.    Mr. Isaac Boateng
d.    Mr. Boamah Felix Sakyi
e.    Mr. Bernard Tutu
3.    Finally to bring IT Services to the doorstep of our cherished users in the University Community, we have setup an IT helpdesk at the IT Services Unit, for proper and effective management of IT related problems and issues at the University.  The IT Helpdesk Personnel (Ms. Victoria Osei- Barima and Ms. Freda Arthur) could be reached through the following number
a.    By calling the Mobile Number 0204224765

We hope the above measures put in place would help the University Community to smoothly utilize the LMS with less or no problems at all during the Academic Year.


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To improve security and integrity of user's credentials, students are advised to change their passwords. They are required to change it as soon as possible, since it is the same as their username(i.e. their student ID Number) and could be easily guessed by colleagues and associates.


You are urged to keep this information private--anyone with this information will be able to access your account! Therefore to secure your credentials, we recommend that you change it by going through the steps below:


1.     Open any browser of your choice

2.     Enter the following url inside the address bar: as STAFF or as STUDENT

3.     Enter the details below to aid in changing the password


Login                : {your username, same as student ID No. for students }


Old password : {your Old Password, same as student ID No. for students }


New password: {New Password, should be based on Policy below }


Confirm          : {New Password, same as New Password above}



4.     Click on Send  to change the password.



Your password must conform to the following constraints (POLICY):

  • Minimum length: 4
  • Minimum number of lowercase characters: 1
  • Minimum number of uppercase characters: 1
  • Minimum number of digits: 1
  • Minimum number of special characters: 1
  • Your new password may not be the same as your old password
  • Your new password may not be the same as your login