This is an introductory course for all new student teachers. It is designed to help students to develop effective language and study skills for their academic work; improve their vocabulary, become familiar with the conventions of Standard English Language usage, and develop strategies for preparing for, and taking examinations. The course also aims at equipping student teachers with the mechanical skills for academic writing and reading. Additionally, the course will enhance trainee teachers’ skills for communicating effectively in an academic environment and classroom context. The course will offer students the opportunity to visit schools to acquaint themselves with how teachers communicate with their learners and the challenges they face using the requisite skill to manage their time effectively and plan for their studies. Furthermore, the course will offer student teachers the opportunity to apply appropriate technology to use and access information to improve their communicative competence. The course will be delivered through learner-centred teaching strategies like discussions, self-study, observations, videos/audio-visual, group/individual work, etc. Such approaches will be employed taking into consideration all manner of learners. Student teachers who take the course will be assessed through quizzes, examinations, report writing, assignments, group work, school