Dear Student,

You are welcome to our course for this semester, "INTRODUCTION TO LANGUAGE AND LITERACY". 

The course is designed to introduce student teachers to the basic principles of language and literacy. It focuses on equipping student teachers with the requisite rudimentary concepts that will guide them to acquire and understand the necessary knowledge and skills about language and literacy to enable them to use language effectively to enhance literacy development skills of all learners. It will help student teachers to understand and identify how children acquire language and apply it in their language and literacy classroom. The course covers key areas like the nature of language and communication, knowledge and understanding of the nature and concept of language and literacy, theories of language acquisition, and bilingual education and challenges to developing literacy among all learners. The course also provides opportunities for school visits for student teachers to observe and interact with teachers to see how language and literacy issues are handled in the basic schools, identify the practical problems encountered in the implementation of the theories and principles, critically examine them and attempt to resolve them.

Get set and let us get going!!! All the best!!! Cheers!!!